Changing single elevations in parameters

Hello to everyone,

I am a bit stuck with the RadarBeamBlock, because in order to change the elevations for each one of the radar beams within the parameters, the elevations need to be constant, which is not my case. I would like to know how could I change the values of these elevations and not to be limited by the same elevations, e.g.
///////////// elevations //////////////////////////////
// Elevation specification (degrees).
// Type: struct
// typedef struct {
// double start;
// double delta;
// int count;
// }

elevations = {
start = 1,
delta = 2.5,
count = 8
I wanted to change the delta, because the angles we are using are not constant, for instance : 0.5°; 1.5°; 2.5°; 5° etc

Thanks in advance for your time and reply!


Yeah, this is a limitation of the current parameter setup. In your case, I would just pick a delta value of 0.5 to hit each angle that I need. The beamblock file will just have more angles than necessary.

I can bring up the request for a user-defined array of angles with our software engineers, but I’m not sure how picky the underlying code is.