Radx2Grid question

Hello, I’m a new user of LROSE
I tried to convert Cfrad****.SUR.nc file to grid file
My run succeeded, but there were no values but nan in my DBZ variable
And I’m sure that my Cfrad****.SUR.nc in the range I need to have values
What is wrong with my setting?

Here’s my setting: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vq_xu3f0O2PXg6Vx8o-FDyBE2oQs5wjt/view?usp=sharing


Could you please share the file you’re trying to grid as well? That will help us test your parameter file.

In the meantime, I do wonder whether you meant to set grid_projection (line 516) to PROJ_LATLON instead of PROJ_FLAT. All projections besides PROJ_LATLON assume the units of minx/miny and dx/dy (lines 460-463) are km and it appears your parameter file is using latitude and longitude to define your grid.