RadxConvert doesn't recognize UF file

RadxConvert supports UF format according to the documentation, but for some reason, it cannot recognize the file I have. I get the error below when trying to convert it to another format.

ERROR - RadxConvert::_readFile
  path: RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf
ERROR - RadxFile::readFromPath
  File format not recognized: RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf
ERROR - GenericRadxFile::readFromPath
  Cannot read path: RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf

ERROR - running RadxConvert

I don’t think the issue is with the file itself since I can open it in PyART, which has a dedicated UF reader. Link to file:

Thank you!

Huh, I have the same issue. Though the file I’m downloading is only 1 MB, whereas google drive suggests it’s around 22 MB. Is there an issue with my accessing it?

Also, can you provide the exact command (and parameter file) you were using?


Hi! The file is indeed only 1 MB (not sure why Google Drive shows 22 MB).

I’m trying to convert it to NEXRAD format with this command:
RadxConvert -nexrad -f RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf

I also tried converting it to CfRadial but to no avail.

A workaround I did was convert the UF file to CfRadial using PyART’s write_cfradial() function before converting it further into NEXRAD format in RadxConvert.

The file generated by RadxConvert works fine, but I still hope to find a solution to this problem (UF file not being recognized) to avoid taking the “longcut”.

Thank you!

I have the following response from Mike - it turns out the file needs to be uncompressed first. I tried his solution below and RadxConvert worked for me afterwards.

The problem is that the data file is compressed with gzip, even though it does not have a .gz extension.

file RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf

RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf: gzip compressed data, was “RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf”

Can you try the following:

mkdir /tmp/test

cp RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf /tmp/test/RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf.gz

gunzip /tmp/test/RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf.gz

RadxPrint -f /tmp/test/RDR_GSN_QCD_201009011700.uf

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