RadxConvert fails due to the max num fields

Hello LROSE Forum,

I am trying to convert some cfradial files to UF format. However, RadxConvert throws the following error message:

To solve this, I reduced the num fields to 16. So, can’t we maximize the num fields for converting?

Hi Haidy,

Mike sent me the following response to your question regarding the UF format.

UF records are limited to 32767 bytes in length.
The data has 19 fields with 1999 gates each, so a total of 37981 gates x fields.
This is too big for UF.
They can use RadxConvert -max_range to reduce the number of gates to 1700.
Or they can specify the fields and reduce the number of fields to 16.

Let me know if there’s any confusion or if you have any further questions.


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