RadxMergeVols to merge sweep scans


I have a list of files as follows: each contains one sweep (elevation angle) of PPI scan. I aim to merge them into one volume scan cfradial file with RadxMergeVols.





However, I’m not sure how to set up the params file. I was supposed to set “merge_method = MERGE_SERIAL;” but it didn’t work (not sure what to set in “serial_vol_types”). And for “merge_method = MERGE_PARALLEL;” it only works with 2 sweeps.

My question is, for a case like this, how to set the params file to merge each sweep scan into one file?

Thanks for your help!

Adding this solution from Mike for other users:

RadxConvert -ag_all -f your_files -debug -outdir your_output_dir

You can find the solution here in this notebook