Running Radx2Grid

Hi Everyone, How to run Radx2Grid correctly? I ran Radx2grid in the terminal
/usr/local/lrose/bin/Radx2Grid -f /home/aws17/dataradar/ -outdir /home/aws17/outputRadx/
but I have an error message

Does everyone have experience with that? how to fix it? Thanks


When using filelist mode (i.e., the -f flag), you need to link directly to the cfradial files.

For example:
/usr/local/lrose/bin/Radx2Grid -f /home/aws17/dataradar/path/to/cfrad*.nc -outdir /home/aws17/outputRadx/

I believe if you want to just set the input directory, you also need to provide start and end times, like this:
/usr/local/lrose/bin/Radx2Grid -indir /home/aws17/dataradar/ -start "yyyy mm dd hh mm ss" -end "yyyy mm dd hh mmss" -outdir /home/aws17/outputRadx/

Let us know if you continue to have issues!


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Thanks a lot, Mr. Succefully for running using * after path to all file lists.