Rview Colorscale Issue

** get_x_color_scales **
ERROR - XParseColor
'annot match color 'dark slate blue
ERROR - GLoadGCScale.
', level 0 for color 'dark slate blue
ERROR - Rview:get_x_color_scales
Loading colorscale ‘/home/carlos/titan-test/titan_home_dir/display/color_scales/dbz_color’ for field 0.
** tidy_and_exit **
** free_resources **
** free_map_gcs **
** free_map_fonts **
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Above is the error I am receiving from running “usr/local/lrose/bin/Rview” with the appropriate parameters set. The XParseColor is throwing an error from the /display/color_scales/dbz_color file. Is there an issue with the install of the Lrose core? Or something that involves setting more environmental variables?

Thank you in advance,