Stop getting NWS AWS Radar Data

First, create mini-Lrose workshop yesterday, January 12, 2020. While I ask many questions, one thing I did not ask is about an issue I’ve been having with getting NWS radar data.

I’ve following the examples given in lrose-titan and was able to setup a single radar access and then multi radar access to obtain US NWS radar data via AWS. I’m using the standard scripts and examples given. I was able to setup a nice configuration to get 6 NWS for the North Dakota region and do an Rview display. I setup to get up to 10 days of data and then have thing deleted and compress to older of the 10 days of data. The examples were get it getting this working.

My issue is that after about 24 hours (not sure of the exact time, may vary), data from one or more of the radars stop being downloaded. I can do stop_all and start_all and things start working again and data starts to download. I’ve traced the problem with getting the raw data, it not showing up on the local system; however, typically from only one radar, and not always the same radar. The “get” script is still running and there are not errors reported that I see, the log also indicate that data is no longer being downloaded and processed. I can kill and restart the “get” AWS script and things will start working. I’ve checked and the data is on the AWS server. I have only ran the script on one systems, which is Ubuntu Linux. This issue has happen 5-10 times in December 2019; however, I’m not checking the system every day. It seem at just about every time I check after 24-48 hours, at least one has stop getting radar data. The system is on a pretty good network (running on my home ISP, not the University network system), not really fast but I believe sufficient for the data load.

I’m wondering what to check to further to investigate this issue.